Why Medela Symphony Pumps are The Bees Knees

25 April 2012 / 0 comments

For women who want to express milk but aren’t necessarily comfortable with an electronic breast pump, there are manual ones that will work just as well. The Medela Symphony pump is one model that works very well, because it can work with both breasts and it can be added to an electric pump base if you choose to use it that way.

Not Sure about Electric or Manual Pumping?

  • Not every Medela pump works as a manual and an electric pump. So this system is a bonus if you cannot decide ahead of time what you want to use or if you want to have the flexibility and control of going manual to express the milk or be quicker and more efficient with an electric form at times.  The Medela Symphony system itself comes with two breasts shields, tubing, valves, two caps, two containers and a booklet on breastfeeding.
  • The system will work with a hospital grade Medela breast pump system. The Medela pump is attached to the pump when you want to collect milk quickly and efficiently in order to empty out each breast. Take the pump to work and use it to quickly collect milk so you can get back to the job and not fall behind with work.

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Washing and Maintenance

  • Use it manually at home when you just want to get a little extra milk or if baby doesn’t quite empty out a breast after a feeding. The parts can be taken apart and washed out and sanitized in the dishwasher or the kitchen sink. Since there are two attachments, you can leave one at home to do manually or you can take one to work and use with the electric pump base. Or you can transport both to use each time so you are ultra-fast and can finish pumping in no time at all.
  • The Medela breast pumps are recognized as being some of the best in the industry. The breast shields are made of a flexible plastic material that is BPA safe, so that you can know your baby is getting milk that has only touched the safest ingredients made in the container. The shields are also made to fit the breast comfortably, with minimal pinching once suction has been established.

Do They Come With Storage?

  • The two collection containers will each hold 150 ml, so there is a lot of room to pump and store milk if needed. Once the bottles are full, you can pour it in to the sterile disposable bags and place in the freezer for future use. The bags can then be added to the bottle system in order for anyone to feed the baby when they are ready.  Once the milk is collected in to the bottle, it can immediately be fed to the baby if you don’t want to store it for long.

How about transporting them?

  • The system is easy to carry and transport wherever you need to go, from the workplace to a vacation spot to using at home. The Medela brand is known for making superior products that breastfeeding mothers have trusted for tens of years. Now that the parts that come in contact with the body and the milk are all BPA free, they are safe to use for everyone.

The Medela Symphony kit can be purchased in addition to the Medela breast pump. Medela Symphony is just one of the kit options to use with the standard Medela electric hospital grade pump system. The unit can be purchased from a store, breastfeeding group or even rented through the hospital or breastfeeding group if the expense is more than what you want to pay to have your own.


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