Supplements While Breastfeeding

06 September 2012 / 1 comment
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SupplementsWith most posts we have to preface them by saying always ask your Doctor and that is pretty good advice in most questions concerning breastfeeding. After all we are all different and more importantly our babies are all different. Some can tolerate anything and others can have their world turned upside down on a daily basis. This is why we really do need to research anything we plan on eating or supplements we plan on taking while breastfeeding.

A product that I have used in the past, but not while breastfeeding is Shakeology from Beach Body. It truly is a great meal replacement drink and has helped me lose the pounds and maintain a healthy weight, not to mention all the vitamins and minerals it has in it. Last week I was about to recommend to a friend then I realized she was breastfeeding and it got me thinking?

Is Shakeology safe while breastfeeding? After doing the typical research and reading the package that says of course you should talk to a Doctor or Healthcare Professional before taking I realized some caution should be taken. I then came across a post here which was informative and helpful although in the end you really should talk to your Dr about it.In general any supplements you are thinking about using should be brought to your Dr since there may be herbs you do not know about or other reactions they might cause.

As I side I use this product, but never did use it while I was pregnant or breastfeeding so I cannot said first hand how it would have been for the baby. There are youtube videos out there where woman are saying it was great for them, they did not have morning sickness while using it, or that their doctor said it could be used in place of Pre-Natal vitamins as long as she supplemented with Folic Acid and Omega Fish oil.

So there you have it. This is one of those border line questions that really only your Doctor could answer for you.


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