Staying Productive While Breast Feeding and Using Only One Hand

06 September 2012 / 2 comments
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One of the reasons that many women choose to not breast feed their baby is that they will not be able to go to work, or remain productive around the house. They claim that many of the chores that need to be done simply will not.

When you think about how much time it takes to breast feed your baby there is some reason to this type of thinking. There are plenty of different activities that can be done in the forty-five minutes that it takes to feed your baby. However, this time that you take with your baby in feeding them from your breast does not have to be unproductive. There are still plenty of different things that you can do to continue working, or enjoying a hobby.

Read the paper, a book, or letter

That book that continues to elude you as you are usually too tired, too busy, or just plain not in the mood can now be read without interruption. You can also use this time to catch up on the daily news through your local paper, or read that business proposal, office memo, contract, or personal letter.

Make phone calls – personal or business

While your baby is breast feeding is the perfect time to get those phone calls out of the way without worrying about waking your baby or talking over a crying baby. Hold your baby as you normally do while you dial the phone with the other. You can take this time to return calls, make calls, talk business with clients, or simply gossip with a friend.

Do small computer projects

A laptop, or a tablet computer, can make those forty-five minutes fly by without realizing it. There are plenty of different activities that you can do with these devices to at least make it feel like you are being productive. You can check email, and answer it with some one handed typing. Along with that you can surf the internet for information about a recipe, or product you want to read reviews about. You can upload photos to Facebook, or simply play a game of solitaire.

Become a Master at Working With Your “Other” Hand

Many people dream of being able to use their opposite hand for everyday activities such as writing, eating, or crocheting. As you breastfeed your baby you have the perfect opportunity to practice using your opposite hand for many different activities. You never know, you may have to use your left, or right, hand to tie your shoe while holding onto your groceries.

Breast feeding your baby does not have to mean that nothing gets done. Of course, if you are busy for most of the day, and the only time you can take few minutes to yourself is while breastfeeding, then take complete advantage of it. While you sit, with your baby in your arms, play with the hair, rub their cheek, or simply admire the beauty of your child.


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