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22 August 2012 / 0 comments
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When my baby boy was first born I tried the Huggies little snugglers diapers.  They leaked almost ever time.  I would change his diaper, and a couple hours later, his clothes would be soaking wet.  Going through multiple outfits a day was very tiresome.

I then tried pampers swaddlers, but they also leaked, though not as badly as the huggies.  I then tried Pampers Baby Dry.  These diapers are very absorbent, and even overnight, they did not leak.  They became super heavy when saturated, but kept the clothes dry.  The only thing is that I do not recommend leaving them on too long during the day because they are not as breathable.  Just be observant to ensure that your baby does not get a rash.  Mine did not.

Though I was happy with Pampers Baby Dry, I decided to try Walmart’s diapers “Parent’s choice.”  These are much cheaper than the Pampers, and they work just as well.  I rarely get a leak with these.


Boy and girl babies may get different results from different diapers, but this was my experience with a baby boy.




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