Review of Medela Harmony vs Lansinoh hand pumps

16 August 2012 / 0 comments

Lansinoh-Manual-PumpI have utilized both the Medela Harmony and the Lansinoh hand pumps for quick pumping needs.

The Medela Harmony works well once you get our milk to flow and let down.  The handle has a plastic piece that sometimes needs to be adjusted or it doesn’t work well.   The pump is easy to assemble and disassemble, for easy cleaning and storing.  There are two ways to pump.  If you turn the handle one way it helps to stimulate the milk letdown.  Once milk starts to let down, the handle can be turned the  other way.  If you pump too hard it sometimes feels uncomfortable.  The pump comes with a stand.

The Lansinoh pump only has one way to pump.  However, if you follow their suggestion to pump several short fast pumps and then 2-3 longs squeezes, it helps to let the milk down.  The pump feels more natural and gentle than the Medela, with less pain or discomfort.  The bottles that come with the pump have tops with a hole and a piece to seal it.  This works for the refrigerator, but the bottles leak if you’re on the go with them.  The Medela bottles seal better, and these bottles will fit both the Medela and the Lansinoh pump.

So my recommendation is the Lansinoh pump using Medela bottles.  I purchased m Lansinoh from Walmart, and it was a few dollars cheaper than the Medela Harmony.


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