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12 May 2012 / 1 comment
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I love my ERGOBaby carrier. I couldn’t possibly live without it now that I have it. When my son was born, I bought a couple of slings and a Baby Bjorn, and I made a wrap similar to a Moby. My husband loves the Bjorn. I love the slings and the wrap. But all hurt my back once my son was about 12 lbs, which did not take long. I have a history of back problems and I needed something that would function well, hold up to multiple children, and let’s face it – I wanted something that looks nice, too!
I happen to have the ERGOBaby Carrier in Galaxy Grey. At the time, it seemed like a “splurge” to get that design (which I also had to drive all over town to find because it was out of stock everywhere!) instead of the more basic designs but I’m glad I went with a pattern I love. It’s simple but fun and still neutral.

  • The thing I love the most about my Ergo is that it doesn’t hurt my back at all. In fact, with all of my child’s weight on my hips and shoulders, I don’t feel like I am carrying any weight at all. This carrier is truly hands-free and I feel confident putting it on by myself, without any extra hands. It’s simple to use once adjusted properly, which doesn’t take a lot of effort. I can even put my toddler in it if I want. The weight limit is a whopping 45lbs! My son is 32lbs at almost 3 years old. He outgrew the Bjorn by 6 months but he can still ride on my back in the Ergo.

ERGOBaby Carrier

  • Now that I have a second baby, I find that the Ergo is even more useful. My son has never liked to ride in a stroller, so having a real hands-free carrier allows me to carry the baby, my diaper bag, AND my son’s hand. If we are out shopping, I can carry a couple of bags, too.
  • I was skeptical about the back-carry until I saw another mom loading her young toddler into it on her own, without any help. It takes practice (preferably over the couch with another set of adult hands) but if IS doable. I know once my daughter wants to look out and around the world, she will love the back-carry. For now, she sleeps in it happily and the little hood snaps over her head to block out stimuli that could wake her. domain archive . It also helps keep her head from suddenly flopping over, which also keeps her from waking suddenly.

Breastfeeding in the Ergo is not really possible for me – but I could not breastfeed in any of the other carriers I have tried, so I think I’m just not shaped for that. But I do know moms who rave about it as a great option for nursing on the go.
If I could only have one baby carrier, it would be my Ergo.


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