Playtex and Gerber Breast Pumps

05 June 2012 / 1 comment

When you want a name brand that is known for making great products for women, then look no farther than the Playtex brand. They make not only clothing for women, but they also have a line of products that works well for baby. The Playtex breast pumps come in electric and manual, for both single and dual expressing of milk. And another name brand that is associated with babies is the Gerber brand. Gerber breast pumps are also a great way to express milk when you want to continue giving breast milk to the baby but can’t always do it in person. Which brand is the better fit for you and your situation?

Playtex Pumps

  • The Playtex breast pumps come in an electric form that pumps both breasts at the same time. They have patented technology that claims to allow let down to occur faster and easier than other models do. The plastic used in the breast shields is comfortable and form fitting, putting enough pressure on the milk ducts so that they empty fast and the pumping time is reduced. The design also encourages the production of prolactin, the nutrient packed milk that is the best for your baby.


  • The Playtex breast pump that is dual action comes with a closed system so that the milk is sterile from the collection point to the origin. There are no airborne particles that can get in to the milk very easily. All of the parts are BPA free, making them safe for all who are in contact with the pieces. The system also includes tubing pieces, 2 breast pumps, 2 breast holders, the drop in bottle liners and the bottles that work with the system. The bottles can be used immediately for the baby or they can be stored in the refrigerator for use in the future. Freeze milk if it will not be used within the first day or so of it being collected.

Gerber Breast Pumps

  • Gerber breast pumps are mostly manual in nature. They have technology that claims to work just as well and efficient as an electric breast pump can on any breastfeeding mother.   There are single express manual pumps and dual express manual pumps available. The pump comes with the hard sided bottle for collection, disposable bags to pour the milk in to for long term storage, a breast shield and the pump to manually express milk.
  • There are other shield sizes and accessories available from the store. If you need more disposable bottle bags, multiple bottles to collect milk in or even more shields or parts to attach to the pump, they are available. The parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher and placed on the sanitize cycle so that the parts come out sterile. They can also be washed by hand and placed in to boiling water in order to keep the system clean between uses.

No matter which type of breast pump system you buy, know that the brand stands behind the name and produces a quality product that is meant to be a benefit to both the mother and the baby. The products are BPA free and safe to come in to contact with the milk that your baby is drinking. If you are only looking to express milk a time or two a day or even a few times a week, a manual system might be the perfect experience for you. It will extract the milk as well as baby does, allowing you to keep milk production high, even if you need to have a short absence from feeding your baby directly.


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