OK So What Foods Should I Stay Away From While Breastfeeding?

26 April 2012 / 0 comments

For many women, they were very good with their diet during the pregnancy. They could have taken their vitamins daily, skipped out on caffeine products like pop and coffee, not eaten any chocolate and been a strict dieter of organic foods. But then the baby was born and the diet slipped a little – or did it? The reality is that breastfeeding women need to watch their diet as closely as they did while they were pregnant, and maybe even more so now after the fact. Why?

Whatever food goes in to the mother’s mouth will indirectly be given to the baby. The mother’s body can process the food and break it down, but little bits of it will remain and get passed on through the milk. The foods aren’t necessarily harmful to the baby, but some can be disruptive or cause issues with their little digestive systems. When the mother’s diet isn’t closely watched, the baby could end up being gassy, fussy or even develop an allergy to a certain food that they receive via the breast milk.

Foods to Avoid

  • The biggest offender is probably garlic. Garlic bothers some adults and causes bad breath, gassiness, bloating and sometimes even stomach discomfort. domain archive . Now, imagine what it could do to a smaller system? Even a little amount of garlic could cause gassiness and indigestion, so leave it out of whatever food you can.

Citrus Foods

  • Citrus foods might seem like a great idea because of all the vitamin C and other nutrients they contain. However, with citrus comes naturally occurring citric acid, which could cause indigestion or upset stomach with baby. If you try a small amount of orange juice and it doesn’t seem to affect your baby in the next 24 hours then it may be OK in small amounts. However, don’t switch to drinking all citrus drinks for the day and then see what happens.


broccoli breastfeeding

  • Broccoli is a great source of vitamin A, but it is also a notorious “causer” of gas. That spear of broccoli with a dab of butter on it might be tempting, but if it has been known to cause you to have gas and bloating in the past, there is a greater chance it will do the same for your baby. Keep it out of the diet in the short term if you can.

Peanut Butter

  • Peanut butter, peanut butter cookies and other foods with peanuts in them might sound like a healthy and nutritious snack. However, with the increase in allergies, introducing peanut based foods through breast milk might cause your baby to have a higher chance of developing the allergy themselves. Keeping peanuts out of your system for the first few months of breastfeeding might be a good idea and one that can keep your baby allergy free for the future.


  • Corn is another food that seems like a good idea, because it is a vegetable. However, corn products have also been on the increase with allergies. Avoiding foods like corn, corn muffins and corn products can give your baby a chance to accept them in the future without a problem.


  • Chocolate might be a craving you have had, but it might be skipped until you are done breastfeeding. Chocolate is one of those foods to avoid while breastfeeding because it does contain a small amount of caffeine. domain information Even though it is a little amount, it could still lead to restlessness and fussiness in a small system. Try just a little bit of chocolate if you need a sweet treat, but don’t go crazy on the desserts laden with it.

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