Natural Remedies for Common Infant Ailments

13 May 2012 / 1 comment

I’m always amazed when I discover that I can use something around the house to cure something I thought I’d need medicine for. Just last week, I used apple cider vinegar to finally get rid of a stubborn yeast diaper rash- just a bit on a cotton ball at each diaper change, and it was gone without using the potent steroid cream the pediatrician had suggested.

Some of these remedies are just too good not to share…

For cradle cap, olive oil works wonders- just let it sit on baby’s scalp for a few minutes, and then comb it out.

Gripe water is water infused with ginger, fennel, and/or chamomile and calms a baby’s stomach.

Necklaces made with Baltic amber (available at Inspired by Finn) help relieve teething pain.


And of course, there’s the ultimate natural remedy… Breast milk! Breast milk can cure diaper rash, cradle cap, baby acne, and pink eye. A little bit on cuts and scrapes kills harmful bacteria, and it’s more effective than saline at clearing a stuffy nose. It’s also great for the immune system, re-hydrates during a stomach bug, and fights colds and viruses.






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