My Experience with Exercise During Pregnancy

23 January 2013 / 1 comment
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pregnantexerciseWhile I was pregnant with my son, I continued the exercise regime that I had been following before becoming pregnant.  I was lifting weights at the gym 5 days a week before I was pregnant.  I was working a half a mile from the gym, so I would jog to the gym, lift, and jog back to the office.

When I became pregnant I walked to the gym, lifted and then walked back to the office.  Instead of doing three sets I did two sets.  I looked online and researched the safe and unsafe exercises for pregnant women.  I had been strength training since I was 15 years old, so my body was used to it.  I lightened up the weight and took proper precautions during my workouts.  Here are some precautions I took.

I started lifting 4 times a week and just walking on the 5th day.  I ensured that I had food in my stomach and that I stayed properly hydrated before, during, and after my workouts.  I never held my breath during my workouts, and tried to keep my breathing slow and controlled.  If I felt that I was starting to overwork, I took my pulse to make sure that it was not above 140 beats a minute, the recommended maximum heart rate per minute for pregnant women.  I used proper form while lifting, and did not yank weights around uncontrollably.

In the first trimester I mostly walked. Once I hit 12 weeks I returned to my workout regime.  I felt great throughout my pregnancy.  I was all belly, and I only gained around 30-35 lbs.  Strength training kept my muscle tone, and helped my posture.  After giving birth, I lost the baby weight quickly and returned to my normal state.

After around 15 weeks I stopped all abdominal work as per my doctor’s recommendations.  It was better to be safe than sorry.  I highly recommend that pregnant women continue to exercise.  If you don’t have an exercise regime, a walking program can be a great start.  It will keep you feeling great during pregnancy.


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