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11 June 2012 / 0 comments
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For those of you who like the ability to go hands free while still caring for and being close to your child have probably heard about, or even own a baby carrier.
I am going to be reviewing the Moby wrap.
This a fabric baby carrier that you wrap around you. There are many “holds” or ways to wear/wrap baby depending on your comfort and the age of your baby.


My husband with our 4 month old in the Moby wrap


  • I received a Moby at my baby shower. I was too intimidated to try it until my little one was about 3 months. Once I educated myself on how to wrap it, we loved it! We used it for walks, and around the house when I needed to get things done, and for “fussy time” that time in the evening that babies tend to get fussy. My husband even wore it!


  • What impressed me about the Moby wrap was that it didn’t hurt my back like other carrier I have tried. I attribute this to the way it’s crossed over the back, exerting baby’s weight all over not just on the straps.
  • I just had my second baby and the Moby really comes in handy while I’m caring for my other child. I used it when she was about 2 weeks old using the “newborn hug hold.” Moby even posts instructional videos on their site on how to wrap.

The Moby comes in a variety of cute colors and even organic cotton and UV protection (SPF 50 wraps)
They range from $39-$70 making it an affordable baby wearing option!



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