Medela Mini Electric Breast Pumps

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There are times when you simply cannot haul around the large carry case with a breast pump and collection unit. In this situation, the Medela mini electric breast pump will be an awesome product to have when you are just away for a few hours, need to express just a little bit of milk to relieve the pressure or are simply manually expressing milk in order to wean baby from you and learn to take a bottle.

How Small are They?

  • The Medela mini electric pump is one of the smallest available, meaning you can slip it inside a purse, pull it out and use in any private location and no one will even know what you are doing. But just because it is small does not mean it is less efficient or easy to use. The small size makes it easy to maneuver with one hand, so your other hand is still free to answer r the phone, work on papers or even juggle cleaning acts at home or at work.


What does it come with?

  • The mini-electric system comes with the breast shield, the collection bottle and the inserts. To make this work for every type of mother, there are five different sizes and styles of breast shields to choose from. Get the size and the style that is most comfortable so there is an easier time with milk let down when your baby is not present. And the more comfortable the process is, the easier it will be to pump often throughout the day and keep the milk production high.
  • The Medela mini electric system still only uses BPA free parts, making it safe for both you are your baby to come in to repeated contact with. The pieces can be cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher or else washed by hand and boiled in hot water to ensure they are sanitized between uses. The durable pieces will last up through several months or even repeated uses of the breast pump system.

Medela Calma

  • Medela Calma is a product that is used in association with any of the Medela breast pumps. It is a bottle system where the nipples are built to look like the natural nipple, so baby has an easier time of taking it and thinking it is mother’s nipples. If the mother cannot nurse and has to go back to work, these bottles represent the natural breast the best and give baby an easier time when transitioning between the two.
  • The bottles also work well for a baby who needs breast milk, but the mother might not be able to feed them directly. Some babies are born premature and don’t have the ability to suck, breathe and swallow at the same time right away. These bottles were designed so that baby can pause, swallow, breathe and then continue to drink without getting gassy because of the breaks in the sucking.

The Medela Calma also allows other to bond with the baby over feeding time and give the mother a chance to get away. Being tied down with breastfeeding every two to three hours is a lot of work, so getting away for just a few hours at times might seem like heaven. When the baby will readily take the nipple with the bottle, it will make the transition easier in the future when they wean off of breast milk and work towards a cup. And if they are used to the nipple, if something were to arise and the mother is suddenly not available, baby will still be able to take the bottle and there wouldn’t be much problem getting them to accept it.



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