Massages for Mom?

04 May 2012 / 2 comments
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How many times have you been asked by your wife for a massage. Those dreaded words…”honey can you rub my back”

The truth is you want to give her a great massage, but it hurts your hands… Nah C’mon it cuts into your “fill in whatever you were doing here” time.

Listen sure we can give our wives a nice little shoulder rub, but we can never compare with a real masseuse.

If you really want to make your wife happy then surprise her with a massage. Make sure it is at least an hour. Last year for my wife’s birthday I bought her a Massage Envy membership. She gets a one hour massage a month. If she does not use them they carry over. So if she does not go for 3 months then she would have 3 massages available to use whenever she wants. It cost me about $50 a month, but it is well worth it. It made her very happy.

Now I am not saying you have to join some monthly membership, but hey getting her a surprise massage gift card once in awhile will make a huge difference. Moms need their down time too.

What are you waiting for…. go surprise her!


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