Making a Case for Breastfeeding

15 August 2012 / 1 comment
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With all of the information which we have that point to the positive effects of breastfeeding, you would think there would be little opposition to it. This unfortunately is not the case. While some of us mothers are may not run into many people who have opinions opposing breastfeeding, others of us run into these folks often. Whether you are a mother who rarely needs to defend here breastfeeding or if you find yourself often in this position, here are some facts you can use to defend your decision. I personally have found that these points can stop the most passionate anti-breastfeeding critics from continuing to disagree with me.

An agreement which have been posed to me more than one time is that those of us who advocate breastfeeding are smug or judgmental of those mothers who choose to bottle feed. I know this is not true since most of the mothers I know, and myself, have the upmost respect for each mother’s right to choose how they will feed their child. To counter those opinions who think that I feel otherwise I simply point out the each mother how advocates breastfeeding should be judged on their own. People often get too defensive when pro-breastfeeding mothers quote statistics and facts. I point out that all parents are interested on some form of child research and studies. It does not mean that one parent feels superior to other parents. It just means that we all want to use information to help guide up to the decisions which we feel are the best for our children.

I have several relatives which have said to me they do not understand my insistence on breastfeeding. They say this is because their bottle fed children turned out great, got college educations and are happy adults. I have simply pointed out to them that I do not feel that a child will fail in life if they are bottle fed. I just inform them that recent research has shown that babies who are breastfed have higher IQ and test scores on average than those who are bottle fed. It just shows that breast feeding just help children to realize their full potential.

I have had several people point out that they think my decision to breastfeed is depriving my husband the chance to bond with our baby. I point out that most kids stay at home for 18 years and some for a bit longer. This offers plenty of time for both of us to be involved with our child in several different ways which will bond us. I also point out that my husband currently makes the most of the time with our baby by bathing her, playing with her and taking her around in his baby carrier. Basically I am saying that there are far more ways to bond with a baby outside of feeding times.

I have actually had other women say to me that I would have saggy breasts since I am breast feeding. To those women I point out that it is a proven fact that sagging breast is often a consequence of pregnancy, not breastfeeding.

Hopefully these facts will help you when you are faced with comments from breastfeeding opponents.


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