Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

In case you hadn’t heard, there are a lot of benefits to be had while a mother breastfeeds a baby. Of course, there is the health aspect for the baby. After all, they are getting one of the – if not THE – best liquid available on the planet. However, there are some very good benefits for the mother who does nurse her baby. One of the best ones is the weight loss that can be had while breastfeeding.

  • The extra weight you put on during pregnancy is needed for the baby. OK, maybe not all of that weight but a lot of it, since there is the baby weight, the fluids needed to keep baby safe and healthy and the fluid your own body retains during this time. domain archive But there are a few pounds that can creep on that are just from eating well during the pregnant months. A mother needs to remember just that though – those pounds didn’t come on over night, but over several months gradually. She also needs to remember that those pounds won’t be able to be shed overnight.


  • One way to help shed those pounds faster than normal is to breastfeed. Since the female body is not able to exercise right away, or shouldn’t vigorously for a while anyway, breastfeeding can step in and take the place of a good workout without a woman even knowing it.  One wouldn’t think about going out and jogging five miles within a few hours of delivery, would they? No way, but offering a breast to a baby is almost a natural instinct, so do that instead.

You are a Milk Factory 😉

  • Why should one do that instead? Think of your body as a milk factory. Delivery will automatically trigger hormones that will trigger milk production In order to keep up this milk production, a baby will need to nurse and empty the milk ducts on a regular basis so that they remain filled. And the process of filling those milk ducts is what requires a lot of work on the mother…without her even knowing.
  • Now consider if this milk was being processed at a true factory. There would be lots of electricity needed in order to produce it, bottle it and send it on its way out the door. But the human body does all of that. Instead of using electricity, it requires calories and fat stored up in the body to produce the energy to produce the milk. And the best part about it is that the milk production goes around the clock, 24/7 while the mother is nursing. There isn’t a better way to lose weight than while breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding might even increase a person’s food intake if they burn a lot of calories. Even though they might need to consume more liquids and food, it will be burned up in addition to the other calories as a way to keep milk supplies high. There are instances where mothers have not even had to exercise besides what they normally would do around the house in cleaning, playing with baby and the yard work in order to get back to their pre-baby weights. How awesome is that?

There is often the complaint about women who can’t shed the last ten baby pounds or even any of their baby weight when they had it. However, if you ask a woman who nursed her baby for several months about weight loss, she might tell you she had no problems losing weight as long as she ate a healthy diet and watched what she ate and drank. Eating normally with lower fat items and breastfeeding might even get you lower than where you were before pregnancy!


Written by Stefanie Prinkles

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