La Leche League

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The La Leche League is an International group that was formed to help women be better breastfeeders to their babies. The group offers support, encouragement, education and even advocacy to women of all ages who are having their first baby or who will be breastfeeding their 4th baby. The group offers classes, equipment, counseling and many other services to women, no matter what their education or socioeconomic status is.

What is the Main Focus?

  • The main focus of the La Leche League is to get women the information and the tools they need in order to be successful with their breastfeeding experience. Whether they have never done it before or might have a hard time because of a breast injury or a surgery, a counselor can meet with a woman and offer instructions on how to make their experience successful. They also offer group classes for women who want more information on the process to learn whether it is something that will be for them. To educate, the group has material on the website, in print form, through speakers and even classes where a woman can meet locally.

Third World Help

  • The group also sets out to help women in third world and developing countries be able to nurse their babies. Whether it is providing tips on getting a better diet or offering materials on how to breastfeed, the group aims that all women around the globe have the opportunity if they so desire to breastfeed. And since it is the healthiest way to start out, they are promoting it in as many countries as they can to help lower the death rate of newborns and infants who might not have other food sources available in the beginning.

Events Around The World Advocating Breastfeeding

  • The La Leche League is also an advocate for breastfeeding women. They host events around the world for medical professionals to gather and discuss hot topics that are relevant to breastfeeding during that time. They also work with government agencies to keep the laws that are in place from being overturned and to keep the rights of breastfeeding women in place. They also look to strengthen and add more laws as needed for other countries so that breastfeeding anywhere is not taboo and is welcomed as a way to nourish a baby.
  • Some of the medical events they host are for medical professionals only where they discuss concerns and findings in research that is being conducted. The medical professionals make recommendations, release findings and discuss ways to make breastfeeding safer and easier for all women to do. There are also conferences where women can attend and get information from the medical experts in the field. They can get educated about research findings, be an advocate for other mothers who are breastfeeding or even just be supportive to others who are breastfeeding. The events are open to anyone who has a sincere interest in promoting breastfeeding to women.

Locally Sponsored Events

  • There are also local events sponsored by the La Leche League. These events could be social groups, such as a support group for women to gather and discuss any problems they are having or to share advice on how to be a better nursing mother. They can share ideas on anything that concerns breastfeeding. There is a professional member who is also on hand that can offer advice or tips on making the experience more successful as well.

Online Resources For All To Use

  • If it isn’t possible for a mother to meet in person with a local group or there isn’t one in the area, then there are online resources to use. There is a forum on the website where mothers can post questions, find friends or even seek support of other mothers who are going through the process. Getting support through the Internet is just as important as getting it in person. Online support might also be available 24/7, whereas meeting someone at 2 AM around a work schedule isn’t!
  • The La Leche League has a store through their website where they offer breastfeeding products to all nursing mothers. The products range from breast pumps to covers to accessories that might make the process easier for the mother and the child. The products also promote breastfeeding as a whole and a way for a mother to be proud of the efforts she is going through in order to provide her baby with the best start possible. They offer books written by experts in the field and also books on raising babies in general. All products are reviewed by members of the site and are of high quality and full of useful information that any breastfeeding mother would get value from.

Learn About Local And State Law

  • When a mother goes back to work, there might be some questions as to what rights she has when it comes to expressing milk. There are laws in place that state a woman is entitled to express milk during the work setting and what the conditions need to be. Each workplace is also supposed to provide a quiet, clean and private place if a mother does need to use a breast pump. If you aren’t sure of what the laws are, there are links through their website that take you to your state or country so the laws can be looked up. Being educated before you go back to work can help to clear up any misconceptions before they come up. The process can also be discussed and ironed out before returning to work so the mother is prepared.

The La Leche League is a great organization that seeks to promote breastfeeding to women around the globe. By educating women and those who are around women of child-bearing age, they hope to make breastfeeding a popular experience so that babies everywhere get breast milk as their first source of nutrition. They also hope that with education, women will continue nursing a child beyond just the first few weeks after delivery. By offering support groups, counselors, on-site classes and even demonstrations, they hope to make the process easier and more comfortable for everyone around.


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