Kids, Sunburn, and Tanning Lotion

23 January 2013 / 1 comment
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hot-messWe have all had the experience with getting sunburn right? Let’s face it we have probably had the day where our kids got a really bad sunburn because we did not keep applying enough tanning lotions right?

The fact is that our skin can really get messed up if we do not take care of it. Our little children’s soft skin even more so. We have to be diligent with keeping lotion applied and re-applying as the day goes on.

I remember being young and wanted the darkest tan I could go. Being a life guard I was able to get that dark tan. Sure I used sun block, but for the most part it would wear off and I would not re apply. Sure I had a great tan, but years later I would find out that I did get some skin damage from it.


Most people will say that tanning is bad or laying out on the beach all day is bad. Are they right? Well I think like anything we do we must do it in moderation. If you lay out in the sun all day with no protection then that is bad, plain and simple. If you lock yourself in doors or where a robe and hat when you go outside that is probably not the best thing as well.

The truth is we just need to be moderate in all things we do. If you are going up then use tanning lotion on you and your kids and watch for sunburn. Simple as that.

If you are confused at which tanning lotions are the best then you can check out where I am sure you can find a lotion that will match your situation.

Be safe, be moderate, and use common sense 😉


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