Huh?… Breast Milk Ice Cream… For Real?

26 April 2012 / 0 comments

There are some dairy products that are being made or having research done to see the beneficial effects if it is made with human breast milk instead of cow milk. While this practice is still very small, there is breast milk ice cream that has become available for sale in certain areas around the world. Is it better to eat over regular ice cream purchased from a store? Where can you get this type of ice cream from? Can breast milk be used in the home ice cream makers and be a treat for the whole family and not just the baby?

Since this practice is relatively small and not really accepted, the science behind making your own ice cream is hard to find. The consistency of human breast milk is very different than that of a cow, so the amount of milk and the amount of the other ingredients used is not the same. Coming up with a recipe to make your own might take a lot of trial and error with practice batches and result in a lot of wasted breast milk that baby could just be drinking. It will have to be up to you if you think that the ice cream will be of any real benefit to everyone in the household and if you want to continue making it.

Is it wrong to make ice cream out of breast milk?

  • Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with making breast milk ice cream. It is the first thing that is given to an infant or a newborn, so why would its safety be in question for older children or even adults? It’s usually because the whole breast milk with older children and adults is taboo, therefore most people will not venture to try it out. But you can rest assured that breast milk will not make the ice cream you eat dangerous or even unhealthy, it will be the other ingredients added in to the batch of ice cream that could cause it to be fattening, full of calories or even unhealthy.

breast milk ice cream

Is it safe?

  • When the milk expressed is handled correctly, it will always be safe to use in ice cream, cheese and even yogurt production. Using breast milk for these dairy items isn’t widely accepted in North America, but the practice is growing across Europe. On a small scale, breast milk is being purchased and then used in the production of certain cheese to see if it makes the cheese healthier for an individual compared to other cheeses. Since the milk worked out well, it was put in to yogurts and ice cream blends to see if the consistency would work and if people would eat the product as an effort to be healthier. Think of it as a type of organic food.
  • Since breast milk consumption is rare for anyone besides an infant, it is hard to come by and expensive. Therefore companies have to pay a lot of money in order to get breast milk, making the products it is used in a bit more expensive than typical dairy products. domain archive However, if you consider the benefits of breast milk, then it may be worth the extra cost for you or even your family members.

Where Can I Find It?

  • Breast milk ice cream won’t be available in mainstream ice cream shops anytime soon. However, you could try to use some and make a batch at home with your own supply if you have plenty of extra. Depending on where you live, you could also see if there is a specialty shop nearby that does offer the product and see if breast milk ice cream can be delivered to your door or purchased just to try.

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