How Splenda Can Effect Breast Milk

Artificial sweeteners have been a part of my life for quite a while now. After giving birth, I have been using Splenda even more. I want to make sure to lower my caloric intake so I am able to lose some of the weight that I gained while being pregnant. One of my biggest pleasures is a few varieties of chocolate cookies made with Splenda.

While I was pregnant, whenever I started to eat my favorite snack, I noticed that my baby would squirm around inside of my stomach. I know that this is because the baby would taste everything that I tasted. So, whenever I ate a chocolate cookie with Splenda, I thought that the baby would get a delicious treat as well. The problem is that the sweetener does not have the ability to go through the wall so that the baby can taste the delicious chocolate. Imagine eating unsweetened chocolate and you will have an idea of what my baby tasted in there.

This brings me to my current concern. I was worried that the same kinds of problems I was having when I was pregnant would make it so that my breast milk would not taste as good. It turns out that this was nothing to be worried about. The flavor from the foods I am eating generally do not make the transfer into the breast milk I am producing. This means I can have all of the Splenda I want to have and in any of the forms that I want to have it.

But, what about the effects that it can have on the breast milk in terms of being healthy? Is it okay for me to ingest all of this artificial sweetener and not have an effect on my child. What I discovered is that because Splenda is derived from sugar, there is little risk of anything negative being added to the breast milk. In fact, there is more of a concern of the breast milk being bad for the baby if I was to consume anything with saccharine in it or if I was consuming large amounts of stevia.

Even though I know I am safe to consume as many of these chocolate cookies as I want to, I have been playing it safe. After all, even though there are no calories and it will not affect the quality of my breast milk, I also have to worry about the amount of carbohydrates in each cookie. Sure, I am burning about 500 calories a day simply through milk production alone, but this does not mean that I want to push against it.

So, I have been stocking up on diet beverages and other snacks with Splenda in them knowing that I am okay to enjoy them. I will certainly make sure that whenever my baby is old enough to enjoy snacks that I get all of the ones that have regular sugar in them so that I will not have to worry about the Splenda my baby is ingesting.


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