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Since the Medela brand of bottles and breastfeeding pumps are so popular, they are available at a wide range of stores. Medela bottles can be purchased at baby stores, department stores that have a baby section, hospital stores that sell breastfeeding supplies and even through the grocery store. The Medela brand can be purchased online through many specialty stores and those that cater to breastfeeding mothers as well. Is there one that is better over another?

What Kind of Pumper are you?

  • The answer is maybe. If you are planning on being a frequent breastfeeder who uses the pump often, you might be in need of Medela accessories more than someone who is only a casual user of the brand. Therefore, you will want to purchase the system from a store that will also carry all of the Medela replacement parts too, so if the need ever arises, you aren’t searching all over for them.

What Kind of Accessories are there?

  • Medela accessories could include disposable bags used for collection of expressed milk. These bags will come in different sized boxes of bags. Each bag is sterile and they are usually wrapped in a roll so you can take a couple off if you go to work and leave the rest at home. Only use the Medela brand so that they are guaranteed to fit on the bottles you have purchased.
  • Other accessories could include different nipples, different sized bottles, or even caps for your bottles. Nipples come with difference sized openings, so baby can either feed faster or slower. If your baby does not have a problem with gas or burping, then a faster flowing nipple will work. For babies who are prone to gas, then a slower flowing nipple is best until they get older or get used to burping better.

Medela replacement parts are what you would actually use for the breast pump itself. If it is a model with tubing, the tubing might get thin or even develop a hole in it. There could become a problem with the actual motor where it needs to be replaced if you have been using it for a long time through multiple pregnancies. Medela replacement parts might not be available through a store, depending on what exactly is needed, but through the manufacturer directly. Depending on what warranty you have as well might determine where you can get your breast pump fixed or repaired.

Prices for Parts?

  • Medela accessories and parts have a wide range of prices. A set of nipples might cost ten dollars, however the replacement tubing might cost twenty dollars. You can shop around to look for a good price, but chances are it will be very close in price, no matter what type of store you look at first. If you have the time to price shop, then it will be worth any savings you find. If you do not have the time, then call the manufacturer directly or head to the store where you purchased the unit and your accessories from.

If you purchased Medela bottles from a store that does not have other parts or components, you can always visit the website and see where you can receive additional parts from. They have a listing of stores where the products are available for retail purchase. Costa Rica Shop within a close range or venture out and take a day trip to shop and get all of your new pieces. Wherever you get the Medela accessories from, know they are made from BPA free plastic and will be one of the safest and most reliable things your baby will touch in their first weeks of life.


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