Getting a Period While Breastfeeding

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There are a lot of Old Wives’ Tales when it comes to the topic of pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding. But after all, women have done it since the beginning of time, so there should be a lot of information out there. domain archive . How much of that information is correct? How much of it is myth that people think is true? The actual percentage of what is real and what is myth might be split and depending on whom you ask, true or not true. One such item discussed is getting your period while breastfeeding and being able to get pregnant while you breastfeed.

Your Body is in Overdrive!

  • Obviously, a woman’s body is pretty busy when it is producing milk around the clock. When it is in heavy producing mode, some other normal functions are often forgotten about. Like menstruation. A female body will not produce an egg for approximately six weeks after delivery of a baby. Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less. However, there are some conditions to this as well.
  • It has been said that while a woman is breastfeeding, she will not have any eggs released at all, therefore not having a period or being able to get pregnant. However, this is only partially true. While the body is very busy with producing milk, it will still take the time to produce eggs and give a woman a period. That is, if she doesn’t get pregnant again first!

Nothing is %100 Certain

  • Ovulation can occur during the weeks and months during breastfeeding. However, one never knows when the first egg might start to travel for sure. There could be subtle changes in your body that you might recognize as symptoms of before the pregnancy. However, with all of the hormones that fluctuate after a delivery, it is hard to tell what they might be from. So, it is like guesswork really when the first period will come after a baby is born.
  • Since the first period while breastfeeding will remain a mystery, the ovulation period might also be murky. Even though it has been said that a woman can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding, ask how many women actually have gotten pregnant! It is because they weren’t aware they were ovulating and fertile and got pregnant without having a period after their baby was born. This results in two babies close together. Although rare, it does happen. Women who have had this happen will swear against the fact that you cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding because it has happened to them!

  • Since you never know when a period while breastfeeding might happen, there are a few precautions to take. The first one is to use birth control when the doctor says it is safe to have sex again. Even if you aren’t ovulating or think you are, the birth control will make sure you aren’t. Don’t rely on assuming your body isn’t a master of menstruation cycles and overworks itself to produce another egg for fertilization. Unless you are absolutely prepared to have two babies in one year, go with protection.

Secondly, take feminine products with you in the diaper bag. An unexpected period could lead to embarrassment if not prepared for, so carry around pads and tampons just in case. You carry around emergency supplies for the baby, so why not yourself? A period can and will happen during breastfeeding, especially if you breastfeed for a long time. Your body will become used to the routine and work up enough hormones to release an egg and potentially start the whole process over again for you without letting you know much ahead of time!



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