Getting a Breast Pump from Babies R Us

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One of the most popular places to get all types of baby supplies is from the Babies R Us stores. They are located throughout the US in just about every state as a standalone store. If your region is not large enough to have a standalone store specifically for babies, they might have a section within the Toy R Us store. If you have questions on where to find one, look on their web page and check where the closest store location is to you.

All You need at Your Fingertips

  • Babies R Us is a great store to shop at because you can see and compare many different brands of the same product in one location. You don’t have to click back and forth between products on a page or else go between different stores and see what options you have. This in person retail store will offer many brands on all of the products you need to have when you first have a baby. You can always go back and buy online through their website, but if you see it in person first, you might be able to make a more informed decision than if you were to just look at a picture and read a description of the product.

Can you test a Breast Pump in Store?

  • The Babies R Us breast pumps are some of the most popular and safe to use for all infants. No matter if you want a Medela system, an Avent system or even a different brand, they will have them on stock so you can compare and contrast all of your top choices in one setting. The boxes cannot be opened, but they will often have a display model where you can pick it up, touch it and try and figure out which will work the best for you in your situation.  Sometimes looking at a particular type of breast pump can help you determine if it looks comfortable even. And if there is a display model, you can touch it and see if it looks durable, comfortable and something that would be of good value for you and your baby.\

How often do you think you are going to pump?

  • If you aren’t sure of how much you would use a breast pump system, you can compare the lower cost of the manual pumps versus the more expensive electric models. The price might be sticker shock initially, but if you plan to go back to work and really want to continue with giving your baby breast milk, it might be the way to go. With being in the store to see all of the Babies R Us breast pumps, you can compare the carry bags, the efficiency of the motors and even what accessories they have. Some electronic breast pumps have built in coolers that will store a bottle until you can get home and place the collected milk in the refrigerator.

 Watch a Breast Pump Video First

  • When you are choosing which type of Babies R Us breast pumps are the top choices for you, you might want to get a breast pump video first. These videos can be purchased and might help you to understand the process of breastfeeding better, what types of system might meet your needs best and how each of them work. It is hard to understand all of the ins and outs with a breast pump, especially if you have never breast fed before, so having as much information as possible is a good thing. A breast pump video might make the process a little easier to comprehend and help you decide which brand and style of breast pump will work the best for you and your baby for the next several months to come.

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