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31 May 2012 / 0 comments

dollar-signI have some great news. Want to get paid for your mommy stories and tips?

Of course you do! Not only are we paying for your writing, we are now paying for participating and helping on the site.

Basically here is how it all works.

Point System

You will get points for participating on the site. It is very simple.

  • 10 points = $5
  • So if you write a post that is a whopping 10 points or $5
  • If you leave a comment on a post, create a question or give an answer in the Q&A section you will get 1 point.
  • In fact just for coming to the site everyday and logging in you will get 1 point!

You can see how this ads up right?

When will you get paid?

That is a great question. I have decided that payments will be given out when you reach $25 or “50 points”

I will pay via Paypal or I can mail you a check. If you prefer another way we can talk about that as well.

The Big Picture

OK so here are a few ways to look at this. If you were to write one post a day for a 30 day month that would be 300 points or $150 a month!

If you logged on everyday for a month and left 5 comments that would be 30 points just for logging in and 150 points for commenting totaling 180 points or $90 a month.

You see the possibilities are endless.

What’s the Catch?

There really is no catch. The only thing I ask is that everything contributed on this site be constructive and from the heart. I will be monitoring comments, Q&A’s etc.. so if there are any spammers out there or someone trying to game the system I will know.

Where do I sign up?

Well… if you feel that you want to write posts for the site then please take a look here and fill out the application.

If you just want to comment and participate in the Q&A section then sign up here


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