Finding a Quality Breast Pump

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There are a lot of places where you can buy quality breast pumps when you decide to breastfeed your baby. And even if you plan to stay home with your baby after it is born for several months or full time, you will still want some sort of a breast pump to handle the process. A manual breast pump or even a mini-electric one will work wonderful to express some milk so you can get away from your baby for even a little bit of time. Where can you go to find out about the different breast pumps available?

Should You Buy Online?

  • There are places where you can get pumps online for a great price. But use caution when you are online shopping, since there are a few things to look out for. If you are buying brand new from a retail store, such as Target or Babies R Us, you won’t need to worry. You know you will be getting a quality product that is new, sealed in the box and never before used. These stores also offer the accessories, replacement parts and all of the other gadgets you would want to go with the type of breast pump system you purchase.

Beware of Used Breast Pumps Online

  • The risk comes in when you are trying to look for quality breast pumps from other sources, where they may have been used. It is not legal to resell most models of breast pumps that have already been used. The FDA will only allow for resale and rental of breast pumps on models that they have certified to be safe after sanitizing. These models are typically hospital grade breast pumps, but they are available to the public. They are very expensive though, which is why people try and resell them after they have been used.

Use Your Support Groups

  • Getting quality breast pumps online can be done through a breastfeeding support group, a mother’s group and even an auction site. If you are buying brand new items, then there isn’t anything special you need to look out for. However, if you are buying used, make sure you know it is an approved model by the FDA. You can look up the model number once you are given it to look for yourself and see as well.

Do Your Research in Store and Find online Cheaper!

  • Brand new pumps online are available in many locations. Simply search under breastfeeding products and see what brands and models they offer. But before you purchase online, check out the return policy. There are stores like Babies R Us that will not accept returns on opened breast pump systems, even with a store receipt. However Target will accept opened breast pump systems with a receipt for up to 90 days after the purchase. That way, if you open up a system, try it out and absolutely hate it, you know you can return it and try out another one that will work better.

Just Make Sure Shipping Doesn’t Break the Deal

  • If you buy pumps online, you should also check out what the shipping will be ahead of time. If you are ordering from a store that is nearby, see if shipping to the store is an option. Then you pick it up when they call and get the best deal with an online price, but don’t have to pay for the shipping since you are going to get it yourself when it arrives in. Check what happens if they do allow for returns and see who pays for the shipping to get the item returned. If you have to pay for it, then it might not be worth it and getting it from a store might be a better deal in the long run.

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