What about FDA Approved and Used Breast Pumps

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Even for something as simple as breastfeeding your child, there has to be laws created to protect those who do and the equipment used in doing so.  Even though it is a personal choice to breastfeed your baby, the government has stepped in to keep the practice safe for mothers and babies in several ways. There are laws passed to protect nursing mothers and where they can nurse. There are certain standards that employers need to follow in order for their employees to nurse safely. There are even FDA approved breast pumps for women who choose to rent a breast pump system instead of buying their own.

Finding an FDA Approved Pump

  • The FDA approved breast pumps are those that are rented out by hospitals and breastfeeding organizations that are reused by someone else later one. Most breast pumps available for sale on the market from retail stores are meant for one time use only, or for one mother. If she has a second or third baby and chooses to use the same breast pump, that is fine. The FDA has stepped in and made rules on which types of breast pumps can be resold and which ones can be reused in the case of renting.

Hospital Grade Pumps

  • The breast pumps that are rented out by the hospitals are called hospital grade breast pumps. These pumps have a little bit bigger of a motor in them so they work faster, are more efficient, but they are also expensive. Since most insurance companies no longer cover the cost of a breast pump, many hospitals and breastfeeding groups have begun the process of renting them out for the term that a mother will nurse her baby. However, FDA approved breast pumps are the only ones that are allowed to be rented or even resold to women.
  • The specially approved breast pumps are ones that can be completely taken apart and cleaned. The parts that would come in to contact with the mother are either sold separately to the mother or available to be sterilized before reissuing the unit to another woman. Many women choose to buy the accessories, such as the breast shield, bottles and tubing for themselves, yet rent the motor part or the base from the hospital. There will be a one-time expense for the attachment parts, but then the mother can know they were cleaned and sterile because she purchased them and they were never used before.

Can you sell and FDA Pump?

  • There are certain models where the FDA has approved of to be resold by individuals as well. That means that if a mother has purchased an expensive system and will not use it anymore, she can then clean it out and sell it to someone else without getting in to trouble. Only the FDA approved breast pumps can be resold legally to another person after they have been used. A breast pump will have a mark on it to display that it is approved for resale by the FDA and that you are allowed to do so.
  • Selling another type of breast pump after it has been used is a dangerous practice, because you could get in to trouble with the FDA but also because you could cause another baby to get sick. It wouldn’t be intentional, but germs could have gotten on the breast pump somewhere and if it wasn’t cleaned before they were given milk from it after being used, you could be liable. It might not even be your fault, but you are at risk if you sell a non-approved breast pump to an individual if it has been used.

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