Expressing at Work and Storage of Breast Milk

Working mothers have a unique challenge in breast feeding. It is simply not possible to be at home at all hours of the day to feed your child. This is not a problem as long as you can express throughout the day. Purchase a good pump and get into a ritual and this will help you to have all the milk you will need for your baby.

Getting Ready for Expressing

Most moms, like me, find that having a pre-expressing ritual is helpful in a successful let-down of milk. One of the great ways you can do this is to get as comfortable as possible. Whether this means making sure that you are having a cup of your favorite tea or you are listening to soothing music, do what makes you feel good.

Get warm while you are getting ready to express. If it is possible to take a shower, do so. Another suggestion is to use a hand towel wet with warm water to warm up your breasts. Bring a blanket with you and wrap up in it so you will be able to stay warm and ready to express.

You may find it is easier to get a good let-down if you are establishing contact with your child. Call the care giver or the nursery and ask to have your child on the phone. If there is a webcam set up, ask for your child to be in view. If none of this is available, use a picture of your child or videos.

Avoid any distractions while you are expressing. Try to express in a private place rather than a bathroom. Unhook your phone if you are expressing in an office. The peace and quiet will allow you to maintain the connection with your baby and will allow you to express with more success.

Expressing the Milk

Whether you have been expressing already or you are a newcomer, there is always a feeling of dismay when you see how much milk you are expressing. It is important to keep in mind that most feedings only produce 2-4 ounces of milk. Many women will start looking at the amount in comparison to the factory made formula other parents are giving their babies. Remember that you are not a machine and your milk packs way more of a punch than anything coming out of a canister. A little goes a long way.


After expressing your milk, it is a good idea to get it into the fridge if possible. If you do not have a fridge, bring a cold bag with an ice pack in it. The antibacterial properties in human milk mean that your milk is extremely durable. Do not be afraid of the quality suffering if it does not go from body temperature to 40 degrees as fast as possible. When you are ready to use, simply run the bottle under warm water until it is body temperature and your baby will receive the kind of nutrition needed to keep growing.


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