Exercising for Better Breast Milk

When you start breast feeding you are concerned about what you eat and the impact it will have on the quality of the milk you are producing. It seems that we now have more to think about in terms of what will affect the quality of breast milk. There are several studies which have been done which suggest that everything from our emotions to our daily activities have on breast milk. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about exercise the affects it may have on breast milk production and quality. The biggest concerns seem to be in regards to the milk and the lactic acid we produce when exercising.

Hearing the concerns people have brought up concerning exercise and lactic acid got me worried. I have been trying to keep to a regular exercise and yoga regimen to take off a few extra pounds I have not been able to shed after having my baby. Before hearing these new concerns I had not thought that exercise could be harmful in any way. I was always under the assumption that this would lead to better health and breast milk. Now there is a concern about the lactic acid produced during exercise getting into breast milk. The thought is that this acid could have a severe effect on the way the milk tastes to the baby. Some worry this taste could cause the baby to not want to drink the milk. Hearing this compelled me to do some research on the subject.  I wanted to find out more because I did not want to do anything to make my baby want to wean before she is ready to do so naturally.

My research led me to information which had been compiled from recent studies on breast feeding women. The research suggests while lactic acid does have some effect on breast milk, it is not enough of a change to cause a baby to reject the milk. The study showed that even women regularly do strenuous workouts did not produce enough lactic acid to make their milk unappealing. The information I found even went on to suggest that women who do a normal amount of exercise did not produce enough lactic acid to alter the taste of their breast milk. I was relieved to find this out since it meant I did not have to give up my pursuit of losing my baby weight.

Another study I ran across when I was conducting my research was related to exercise and how it affects breast milk in a positive way. The study said that women who exercise regularly while breast feeding could be producing a higher quality of milk. This is thought to be because of the endorphins which are released into the body and the positive mental effects of exercise. Studies on this subject are still ongoing, but so far it is believed that these positive factors make for better quality breast milk. This is another reason which is helping to keep me motivated to stay on track and keep exercising.


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