Efforts to Reduce Toxins in Breast Milk

20 July 2012 / 1 comment

When I was pregnant, I made sure to eat right. I would avidly seek out any new research regarding the effects foods consumed by pregnant women have on their developing babies. During this time, I was also gathering all of the information I could about how I could prepare for breast feeding. While doing this research, I came across all of the usual information about alcohol and spicy foods and how they affect breast milk. I also read endless articles which agreed or disagreed that certain foods consumed by the mother because the breast milk produced makes babies gassy. While reading over all of this information I never ran into anything which discussed the effects of chemicals and toxins found in food and their effects on breast milk. After I gave birth I started thinking about this issue while I was grocery shopping. I was looking over organic produce when I started thinking about the effects of pesticides on the breast milk I was producing for my new baby. This made me think of the things found in processed foods and other food additives. So, I started doing research to figure out the foods to avoid for reducing possibility of harmful toxins in my breast milk.

I have found that continuing to avoid fish such as all sushi, tuna, swordfish and shark, like I did when I was pregnant, is a good idea.  It is also smart to eat organic fruits, vegetable and grains as much as possible. This is because this helps to eliminate the possibility of having toxins from pesticides enter into the breast milk.

BPA’s have been in the news a lot lately. This is because these are the chemicals which are found in several of the plastics we use in conjunction with foods. These chemicals leak when the plastics are chilled or heated. These chemicals then get into the foods they are in contact with. This can be harmful because of all of the new evidence which has been discovered that suggest these chemical cause a host of health issues, especially to children. To avoid having BPA’s in my breast milk I am now avoiding eating any foods which come in plastic containers that have been heated or frozen. I have also been avoiding eating canned tomatoes. This is because the can for tomatoes is lined with plastic to prevent food acid from eating through the cans.

Other things which can be done to eliminate toxins in breast milk is to avoid the use of nail polish or exposure to household paints, glues and chemical based house cleaning supplies. It is also wise to elect to use organic health and beauty products since your skin absorbs over 60% of the substances placed on it.

The best way to flush any toxins out of the body is through water consumption and exercise. Staying properly hydrated will allow toxins to be flushed out through urine instead of breast milk. Exercising will allow for additional toxins to be flushed through the sweat that is excreted from the body.


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