Dealing with oversupply

Oversupply occurs when your breasts are making an over abundance of milk. This could be for several reasons, a change in baby’s eating habits, such as a growth spurt or when your milk first comes in after birth.

Oversupply is a blessing and a curse. I would take having too much milk over not enough milk any day. But oversupply can cause engorgement and can make it hard for baby to latch on properly.


In my experience, with the birth of my second child, my milk came in within a day of birth, and it was much more than a 2 day old needed. My baby wasn’t able to get a good latch because my breast was so full. Once she did latch on, she was gulping down milk and struggling to keep up with the milk flow, which can’t be a pleasant experience for baby. domain archive . I found it was helpful to pump a little before nursing, to make it more comfortable for baby. This also allowed me to freeze and store the milk. You can also hand express some milk beforehand.

Just be cautious that oversupply doesn’t lead to engorgement which can cause problems like blocked ducts and mastitis. My lactation consultant told me, “we’ve got to get that milk out one way or another, either baby gets it out, or you pump!” Which I thought was some very good advice!

Usually after a few days to a week, your body will get back in sync with baby’s needs and your oversupply will be an issue of the past!


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