Dads Get Involved in Breast Feeding

23 July 2012 / 1 comment
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While it is physically impossible for dads to breast feed their babies, this does not mean that they should be excluded from the bonding activity of it. In fact, there have been studies which show the bond between a child and a father can be greater if only there is some connection to feeding as an infant.

So, how does a father go about breast feeding a child? It is not like the dad is going to just start producing milk or anything right? This is true. The father will not naturally be able to provide milk for the child. This means that the father will have to use a bottle to get involved in the process.

The concept is simple. Express milk so that dad can provide the same milk you are producing to your child. Dad should make sure to remove his shirt so that his baby can lie against his skin while drinking the milk. The idea is to create a bond through the senses. The smell of mother and the feeling of the skin is part of what bonds a baby so completely to a mother. Recreating this kind of behavior with the father can help to increase the bond there as well.

Obviously, this is not something that can happen all of the time and still claim having a breast fed baby. The recommendation is to do this once a day or at least a few times a week. If you are only doing it once a week, the event will be more of an anomaly and will not create the connection trying to have. Make sure that your husband is on board to trying this method as it can help with behavioral issues and fussiness as well.

Fathers who have used the process of feeding their baby in this way have been able to have more luck with soothing their child whenever they wake up in the middle of the night. They also find it is easier to hold their child during the day and to feel that nurturing bond that has traditionally only been held for mothers.

The best way to get your husband on board is to ease him into it. Have him start with the bottle and his shirt on. As he gets more comfortable with the concept, you can ask him to remove his shirt and start feeding your baby on his bare skin. As he starts to see the results of this process, he will likely start to offer to do it on his own. Do not force him to do it or it will negate the bond you are trying to help create.

If he is resistant, remind him about how special your child is and how close you feel to your child. Let him know about how he can feel that same bond if he is willing to give it a try. Once he tries it, he will only wish that he had gotten on board even sooner.


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