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Breastfeeding through thrush

Our breastfeeding journeys can be rough. Around a month ago I noticed some white spots on my 9 month old’s tongue. I suspected thrush, so I made a call to her pediatrician’s office. The nurse I spoke with suggested it was just milk residue. The [...]


5 easy ways to reduce toxin exposure in your home

Thinking about the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis can be overwhelming. It only gets worse when you think about protecting your child from these toxins. You can’t completely eliminate what you are exposed to to but you can REDUCE the [...]


Natural Remedies for Common Infant Ailments

I'm always amazed when I discover that I can use something around the house to cure something I thought I'd need medicine for. Just last week, I used apple cider vinegar to finally get rid of a stubborn yeast diaper rash- just a bit on a cotton [...]