Mommy Talk


Staying Productive While Breast Feeding and Using Only One Hand

One of the reasons that many women choose to not breast feed their baby is that they will not be able to go to work, or remain productive around the house. They claim that many of the chores that need to be done simply will not. When you think [...]


Stop the Nursing Strike

Some mothers are fortunate enough to never go through a nursing strike. This is where there is an issue of any kind in which your baby does not want to nurse from one side or at all. The strike can leave you feeling desperate or even afraid. It has [...]


Dealing with Biting During Teething

One of the bigger challenges you will face while you are breast feeding your child is the possibility of being bitten. Keep in mind that this is something that tends to happen as children teeth. It does not mean you have to stop breast feeding. It [...]


Making a Case for Breastfeeding

With all of the information which we have that point to the positive effects of breastfeeding, you would think there would be little opposition to it. This unfortunately is not the case. While some of us mothers are may not run into many people who [...]


Future Academic Success and Breastfeeding

Every new mother wants the best for her child. This means everything from the best food to the best start in life. One of the other things me and other mothers want for their child is for the child to receive an excellent education and be as bright [...]