Breastfeeding Tips


Five Proven Tips for Getting Your Baby to Latch to Your Breast

Bringing a new baby into the world is a wonderful, miraculous moment. If you are a new mother, and the concept of breastfeeding is new to you, that wonderful moment you feel once the baby is born, is going to go away once you try and get your [...]


Dealing with Biting During Teething

One of the bigger challenges you will face while you are breast feeding your child is the possibility of being bitten. Keep in mind that this is something that tends to happen as children teeth. It does not mean you have to stop breast feeding. It [...]


Working moms CAN breastfeed

In the US, many mothers only get to enjoy 6-8 weeks of maternity leave before having to return to work.  This should not discourage mothers from breastfeeding! There are many ways you can still continue to nurse your baby even after you return to [...]


When It Is the Right Time for Weaning

A big concern for me was when I should start the process of weaning. My concerns about the effect it will have on my child emotionally and developmentally played heavily into the concerns about weaning too soon. This caused me to be concerned that I [...]


Boost the Quality of your Breast Milk

Mothers who make the decision to breast feed their children do so as part of an effort to do all we can to give our children the best start in life. Mothers know that making this decision is only the start. Many mothers who breast feed are like me, [...]