Breast Pump Reviews


Review of Medela Harmony vs Lansinoh hand pumps

I have utilized both the Medela Harmony and the Lansinoh hand pumps for quick pumping needs. The Medela Harmony works well once you get our milk to flow and let down.  The handle has a plastic piece that sometimes needs to be adjusted or it [...]


Medela In Style Advanced pump review

When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but I never gave any thought to pumping. On our daughters 2 day check up her pediatrician recommended supplementing with formula to help baby gain weight. This wasn't something I wanted to do so [...]


Playtex and Gerber Breast Pumps

When you want a name brand that is known for making great products for women, then look no farther than the Playtex brand. They make not only clothing for women, but they also have a line of products that works well for baby. The Playtex breast [...]


Breast Pumps at Walmart

When a mother is looking for inexpensive breast pumps, there are several options that she can look in to. There are pumps available at discount department stores and then there are rentals she could look at instead of buying a system. The Walmart [...]


Medela Mini Electric Breast Pumps

There are times when you simply cannot haul around the large carry case with a breast pump and collection unit. In this situation, the Medela mini electric breast pump will be an awesome product to have when you are just away for a few hours, need [...]