Baby Issues


Stop the Nursing Strike

Some mothers are fortunate enough to never go through a nursing strike. This is where there is an issue of any kind in which your baby does not want to nurse from one side or at all. The strike can leave you feeling desperate or even afraid. It has [...]


When It Is the Right Time for Weaning

A big concern for me was when I should start the process of weaning. My concerns about the effect it will have on my child emotionally and developmentally played heavily into the concerns about weaning too soon. This caused me to be concerned that I [...]


Expanding your Child’s Palate and Reducing Behavioral Issues

After giving birth to my first child I had the same concerns all new moms have. Five years later, after my second child was born, my concerns were a bit different. This time around, some of the concerns I had about my child have changed. Some of [...]


5 Things You Can Do At The Breast To Help A Gassy Baby

Gas is often the culprit behind a fussy baby. Many moms would recognize the high-pitched, red-faced cry of an infant with stomach pain, or the way she might arch her back or straighten her little legs. It can be a helpless feeling, watching your [...]

colic baby

My Baby Has Colic Aghh What Now!!

Sometimes there is an issue that develops in that sweet little baby you brought home from the hospital. One of the most frustrating is if your baby turns colicky. Colic in babies isn’t completely understood, but it is a frustrating time where [...]