All Things Breast Milk


Expressed Milk

There are a few terms that deal with breastfeeding that you might not be so familiar with. Actually, there are some that are confusing and you don’t know who to ask, because none of your friends have had babies or dealt with breastfeeding and you [...]

breast milk storage

Freezing Breast Milk

When you are nursing your baby in the beginning, you might just be happy that there is milk coming in and that baby learned to latch on! But what you might want to consider doing is expressing the extra breast milk in the beginning stages of nursing [...]


One Breast Pumps More Milk

There are a few things that make you stop and wonder as you get used to the breastfeeding process. For example, one breast pumps more milk than your other one, even though you have treated the same since the beginning. Is this normal? Is there a way [...]

breast milk storage

Best Practices for Storing Breast Milk

When you are expressing breast milk, there are a few tips to follow in order for the process to be done in a healthy and sanitary way. And since you only want to do it in the best way possible, you will want to know what all of these tips are! [...]

breast milk ice cream

Huh?… Breast Milk Ice Cream… For Real?

There are some dairy products that are being made or having research done to see the beneficial effects if it is made with human breast milk instead of cow milk. While this practice is still very small, there is breast milk ice cream that has [...]