Breast Milk Storage


Expressing at Work and Storage of Breast Milk

Working mothers have a unique challenge in breast feeding. It is simply not possible to be at home at all hours of the day to feed your child. This is not a problem as long as you can express throughout the day. Purchase a good pump and get into a [...]


Working moms CAN breastfeed

In the US, many mothers only get to enjoy 6-8 weeks of maternity leave before having to return to work.  This should not discourage mothers from breastfeeding! There are many ways you can still continue to nurse your baby even after you return to [...]


Dealing with oversupply

Oversupply occurs when your breasts are making an over abundance of milk. This could be for several reasons, a change in baby's eating habits, such as a growth spurt or when your milk first comes in after birth. Oversupply is a blessing and a [...]


Breast Milk Storage Bags

In order to keep expressed breast milk safe, there are several steps that need to be followed. If the breast milk isn’t collected and stored in a sanitary way, then it could spell trouble for the mother and even the baby down the road. Germs, [...]

breast milk storage

Freezing Breast Milk

When you are nursing your baby in the beginning, you might just be happy that there is milk coming in and that baby learned to latch on! But what you might want to consider doing is expressing the extra breast milk in the beginning stages of nursing [...]