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When a mother is looking for inexpensive breast pumps, there are several options that she can look in to. There are pumps available at discount department stores and then there are rentals she could look at instead of buying a system. The Walmart breast pumps are good to look at first because they are the top brands and models, yet they are offered at a low price that most families can afford. The First Years breast pump is just one of the most popular models available through the department chain.

  • There are lots of inexpensive breast pumps to choose from that will work just fine to pump milk. These models could be manual in nature, which cost less than an electric pump no matter where you buy it. The store will also have all of the accessory parts needed to add on to an electric system or even to go along with the manual breast pump of your choosing.


First Years Breast Pumps

  • One of the most popular kinds to sell through Walmart includes the First Years breast pump. This name brand is one of the top choices for mothers because the nipples on the bottle system also match the nipple tips of the pacifiers offered for sale. All of the plastic that comes in to contact with the skin, for both the mother and the baby is BPA free. This makes it safe to anything that might touch it in the process.
  • The First Years breast pump comes in single or double electric models. They will come in a soft sided carry case that will contain the tubing, the breast shields and a cover if needed. All of the items you might need while expressing milk can be stored inside of this case. Transport it discreetly if you aren’t quite comfortable with other people knowing what is in the case. Or if you don’t want co-workers to know exactly what you are doing throughout the day in your office.
  • Walmart breast pumps also come in different brands and different sizes, from low priced to moderate priced models. The First Years make manual pumps that can be slipped inside of any diaper bag if you are only going to be gone for a little bit and don’t want to carry around the bulk of a bag with an electric pump in it. The manual pump can work at home, in the car when you need just a bit of relief or when you are gone for a night out and will be returning to your baby shortly.
  • Inexpensive breast pumps can work just as well as the heavy duty hospital grade pumps. If you have the time to manually express at home, then you don’t necessarily need an expensive pump that comes with a cooler to keep the milk cool. You can simply express what is left with a smaller pump system and then stick it right in to the refrigerator. When you buy an inexpensive pump, you still want to make sure it is BPA free in the plastic parts you and your baby come in to contact with. You will also want to make sure it has some kind of warranty or guarantee on the parts if they were to be faulty.

Make Sure to Check the Return Policy

Before you buy any of the Walmart breast pumps, check what their return policy is. Do you need a receipt? Does it matter if the box is opened? How long do you have to return the breast pump if you no longer like it? Ask these questions before you buy a pump so you know exactly what to do if the style you first try is not a good fit.


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