Best Swaddle Blanket AND Nursing Cover

09 May 2012 / 1 comment

With my first child, I used what a lot of moms probably use for swaddle blankets: flannel receiving blankets. They did not work because they were so small. They only lasted as a blanket for a short time too because of the size, so they really were a waste of money. So, I shelled out extra money and tried the SwaddleMe blankets that are supposed to easily swaddle your baby. Those didn’t work either. So, luckily I had an easy baby who slept well without being properly swaddled.

While I was pregnant with my second child, a friend of mine told me about Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. I checked them out online and was SHOCKED by the price. I asked her, “Are they really worth it? I mean REALLY?” She told me “Yes. You HAVE to get them.”


  • So, I did a little research. I went to the company website and read about the creator, an Australian woman who moved to the U.S. When she had her first baby, she could not find any swaddle blankets that were like the ones her mother and grandmother used in Australia: thin, lightweight, muslin blankets large enough to snugly swaddle your baby. So, she created some and developed a nice business for herself. So, I decided to try them.
  • Boy, am I glad I did! They are so soft and versatile. They get softer each time you wash them (be careful not to wash them with anything with Velcro, they will snag). They are so much larger than any other swaddle blanket you will find, so that you actually have enough material to swaddle your baby. They are the perfect nursing cover too. With my first baby, I tried to use blankets while nursing in public and she tried to pull them off because they were not breathable so she got hot. I also use them to cover the baby when he is in the stroller and car seat to protect him from the sun or when he just needs a light blanket. I started using them to cover him in the crib around 6 months old because they are so breathable that if it somehow ended up over his face, he would still be able to breathe.

So, I highly recommend the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets if you can afford them. They come in many different prints. I got the 2 sets with animal prints so that I can use them for girls and boys. I got mine on Amazon, but I have seen cheaper ones in Target and Babies ‘R’ Us, but they are slightly smaller than the ones I bought on Amazon.


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