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Burn that Baby Fat

Burn baby burn! We are talking about that fat left over from the birth of your baby not that "baby fat" you think you have from when you were a baby ;-) The fact is for most women their bodies never go back to the same way after having a baby. Yes [...]


Breastfeeding Diet: Good Nutrition for You Means Good Nutrition for Your Baby

If you are like any other mom you want to get back to your "pre-baby" body weight and shape as quickly as possible. One of the best ways that you can utitlize is to breast feed your baby. This act alone can burn up to 500 calories as your body [...]


6 Tips for Pumping Milk for New Moms

For many women who want to breast feed their baby the skill of pumping milk is not something that they think they will have to do. However, there are moments when you simply can not be there for your baby. You may be at work, running errands, or [...]


Supplements While Breastfeeding

With most posts we have to preface them by saying always ask your Doctor and that is pretty good advice in most questions concerning breastfeeding. After all we are all different and more importantly our babies are all different. Some can tolerate [...]


Staying Productive While Breast Feeding and Using Only One Hand

One of the reasons that many women choose to not breast feed their baby is that they will not be able to go to work, or remain productive around the house. They claim that many of the chores that need to be done simply will not. When you think [...]