are all-in-one baby food makers worth it?

21 June 2012 / 2 comments

When it was time for my daughter to start solids I knew I wanted to make her food. Once I started looking into it I was enchanted by the all-in-one baby food makers that steam & purée in one appliance. It seemed like such a time saver that I had to have one!

The only thing is I wasn’t working at the time & the machines started at $100. This was an expense I couldn’t justify. domain archive So I started making her food the old fashioned way with a steamer basket and a blender. Costa Rica . And you know what? It wasn’t that bad!

You can make larger quantities of food this way and store the excess, the all in one baby food makers usually only make 4-6 oz of food in 1 cycle which can be only enough for one feeding for babies! Upon future research I found the all-in-ones have a tendency to break, or stop functioning at it’s best. It made me think…for what you would spend on an all-in-one you could buy a separate steamer & blender that will allow you to make more food at once & you can still use it for other purposes after your little one starts on table foods.


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