6 Tips for Pumping Milk for New Moms

19 September 2012 / 1 comment

For many women who want to breast feed their baby the skill of pumping milk is not something that they think they will have to do. However, there are moments when you simply can not be there for your baby. You may be at work, running errands, or some other activity where the baby is at a day care, with a babysitter, or some other caretaker. In that event you need to pump milk to feed your baby then you should be comfortable with the process and know who to do it.

Always Set A Routine for Pumping

Like anything that you feel comfortable doing, there is a routine. This is especially important when pumping breast milk for later feeding your baby. Stress, worry, fear, anger, even slight differences in your body temperature can hinder the pumping process. Get into a routine where you sit in the same chair, have the same music on, and keep the same time. This will not only relax you, but stimulate the milk without much coaxing.

Drink Some Water Prior to Pumping

Many women will tell you that if you want to pump your own breast milk then drinking a couple of glasses of water just prior will “prime” your body into releasing the milk. This is a natural reaction as your body assimilates the water.

Massage Your Breast Before Trying

Before you actually begin to pump the milk from your breast you must massage it. This stimulates the milk glands and begins to produce the milk. Start at the armpit and and use the fingertips of your opposite hand. Make small circles while applying slight pressure. Begin to move your hand down your breast in a circling motion until you reach the areola. Finish your massage by sliding your hand from the top of your chest cavity down your breast stopping at the areola. You may need to do this a few times while pumping if your milk slows down.

Do Something Soothing While Pumping

The worse thing that you could do while pumping your breast milk is to get excited and do something that elevates your emotional levels. The best thing to do is to sit quietly while listening to some music, reading a book, or maybe writing a letter. The calmer you can keep yourself the better the milk will flow.

Try to Pump Milk in Morning

There may be times when you do not seem to be producing as much milk as you use to as the day goes on. This is normal for many women, especially if they are back to work or are not eating correctly. Try pumping milk first thing in the morning when you have the most milk and before you do anything else.

Pump More Milk While Feeding Your Baby

Another technique that many moms use when they do not produce as much milk as they use to is to “double-pump”. This means that while your baby is feeding on one breast, you are pumping the other. This produces more milk as the baby is the trigger for the milk producing reflex.

Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderfully enjoying activity. However, there are moments when it is not possible to feed your baby from your breast. When this happens pump the milk for feeding from a bottle. Use these tips to help you get started.


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