5 things a breastfeeding mama needs

Here are a few items a breastfeeding mother may find makes her life easier.

1. A nursing pillow. There are many kinds available these days ranging from $20-50. There is even one now that vibrates (the Mombo) I have personally used the Boppy & the Brestfriend. I preferred the BrestFriend. I like that it gives back support, buckles on and even has a pocket for storage! It is also a good idea to have an extra cover for your nursing pillow in case baby spits up or has an accident on one (believe me, it happens A LOT)

2. Lanolin cream. Prepare ahead of time for super sore nipples. Lanolin cream is heaven when your nipples are cracked & hurting the first few days/weeks of breastfeeding. You can apply after feedings and let nipples air dry. Ah, relief!

3. Breast pads. There are many different kinds ranging from disposable to washable. Until your body adjusts to baby’s demands, you may have leakage and the pads simply slip into your bra to absorb any milk.

4. Nursing bra. You can get underwire, or not. Just make sure you get a comfortable one that will fit your larger breasts. The open flaps make it easier to nurse baby. Wider straps offer more support.

5. A good support system. Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean it comes naturally to everyone. We need people around us to encourage us in our Breastfeeding journey. Whether it be your husband, family, friends or even a lactation consultant find someone to help if you need it. It takes a village.


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